CRUPE is fast becoming the construction system of choice used around the world to deliver more affordable, fast-track homes and buildings which utilise locally available materials and labor and which are more resistant to fire, noise, earthquake and heavy weather, incidents which are growing in severity and frequency in many parts of the world today.

We are driven by the needs of the growing global market for environmentally sensitive and responsible building materials and construction systems which are able to be localised to enable cost effective and fast delivery times without sacrificing the qualities expected in today’s modern buildings. This year, we are launching a program to create greater awareness of the importance and impact of energy efficiency in housing and materials efficiency in construction.

CRUPE has been independently tested and certified to meet and in many cases exceed current fire, thermal and acoustic standards around the world. We are constantly working with International Standards Organisations and Universities around the world to rate and improve our products and systems.

CRUPE can be used in all types of new builds from very simple social housing to large multi-storey offices and buildings. CRUPE can also be applied to any existing static structure to provide similar levels of fire protection, insulation and noise reduction as any new CRUPE building.

The Global team at CRUPE have a broad range of experience and expertise which have enabled the development of our unique products and systems. We provide our technology in co-operation with The CRUPE Foundation, a global not-for-profit organization based in Switzerland which distributes our unique technologies to improve people’s lives and communities around the world in cooperation with other similarly focused charities and organizations.

Our Global Head Office is located just 15 minutes outside Zürich, Switzerland and we have local offices and teams across the Americas, Asia and Australia.

CRUPE was founded on 5 Core Principles and the combination of these founding principles within one building system makes CRUPE unique in the marketplace today.


Utilises local raw materials and less labor as well as replacing a number of traditional materials and trades with one single product that can be mixed and applied onsite. CRUPE provides a system that offers a lower overall build cost and much faster delivery time.


CRUPE uses a higher percentage of natural, recycled and waste materials including recycled expanded polystyrene (EPS). In addition to using recycled cement and synthetic gypsums wherever possible, CRUPE binders are themselves organic mineral-based products, which are used with sand and water. Our buildings are constructed with higher levels of natural and recycled materials. Wherever possible we try avoid the use of chemical and potentially toxic materials so often found in the construction industry today.


CRUPE is a lightweight construction system which is, by design simple to use. The sprayed application system is both simple and fast to apply, achieving faster rates of coverage per hour. Heavy machinery or heavy lifting equipment are not required and our materials can be used on a variety of static framing systems (including steel, wood, bamboo, cement, bricks and PVC), offering increased flexibility and greater usability. CRUPE is designed to be generative of local employment and to foster community based building programs for both new building and old building deep renovation/insulation programs.


CRUPE provides extremely high levels of protection from fire (rated A+/4+ hour for full wall applications), high acoustic barrier, superior thermal qualities and protection against seismic and heavy weather, with a greater resistance to cracking and shrinkage when applied to our specifications. Perfect for high-risk areas, CRUPE outperforms almost every other comparable system in areas prone to earthquakes, hurricanes and high humidity.


Buildings constructed or enhanced with CRUPE are more energy efficient and friendlier to the environment. CRUPE products are made also from recycled, natural, mineral-based materials and our walling materials have a similar PH to the human skin, therefore protection against chemical reactions is generally not required on the construction site. The system creates a monolithic building, which in addition to its highly insulated quality, envelops the complete building providing fewer thermal gaps and an enhanced energy efficiency. Since our materials are diffusion-open, they also regulate humidity far more effectively.