CRUPE’s Vision is to bring more affordable housing and buildings providing higher levels of thermal, seismic, fire and weather protection to families and communities around the world – wherever they are located. CRUPE is working to realise this vision using mainly local materials and local labor therefore creating employment and social empowerment wherever we operate.

At CRUPE we believe that safe, affordable, quality housing is a right and not a privilege. Similarly people have the right to live and work within buildings which offer a secure environment, free of the risk of fire and static failure. It is our experience and the stories of the many people we have met around the world which motivates our team to keep pushing the boundaries of technology and simplicity as well as quality at CRUPE.

Our founding principles remain at the heart of what we do at CRUPE today – think differently about building, think differently about people and deliver a final product that enhances people’s lives and re-builds communities around the world while reducing cost, waste and environmental impact.

Our global team bring together the very best of an international mentality: from Switzerland, Germany, Spain, Turkey, the United Kingdom, the People's Republic of China, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay, Australia, Thailand, the Philippines to name just some examples. Together we offer a unique blend of cultures and experience. A global perspective but with an ability to apply local knowledge and expertise to deliver homes which meet local needs.

CRUPE PRODUCTS are used in luxury new-builds, fast track, mass and social housing projects as well as in refits, extensions and renovations, but also for special applications such as fire rating technical installations, in fill wall projects, national insulation programs and wine/fine food installations.

CRUPE is also ideal for the building or renovation of more sensitive structures such as facades, older buildings and churches. Such programs have been completed in Spain and the Philippines for example where CRUPE was chosen for its unique ability to mimic other materials and it’s lightweight nature.

CRUPE OFFERS a monolithic, lightweight and highly flexible system which helps preserve lives through a greater resistance to fire, seismic and weather.

OUR TECHNOLOGY has been independently tested by leading laboratories around the world and certified to meet and even exceed current and coming building product standards.

Our partners and customers rely on CRUPE to deliver high-quality housing at a lower cost and in far shorter times compared to traditional building systems, while greatly reducing material wastage to almost nothing on most sites.

‘CRUPE provides the only fast track, affordable “all-in-one” solution in the open market today with environmental, thermal, acoustic, and fire qualities that meet, and often exceed, specifications offered by other building materials’



CRUPE's Global AIM Program is aimed at creating awareness around the importance and impact of energy conservation and efficiency in the 21st Century.

Working with the European Climate Foundation and other leading independent, NGOs, CRUPE focuses its efforts around 3 central themes, Awareness, Impact and Measurement (AIM), with the overall objective of increasing the efficiency of residential and commercial buildings around the world (both in terms of energy and materials). It is estimated that around 40% of all man-made greenhouse gases produced are related to the heating and cooling of buildings around the world and on average up to 30% of materials are wasted every day on construction sites.

As a participant in the building insulation and related construction industry CRUPE feels an obligation to connect our technology and projects with a world-wide campaign to create awareness, impact and measurement (reward) at both national and local levels.

As part of this campaign we have already installed digital sensors measuring dew points, humidity, temperatures and energy efficiency in a number of our new and renovated buildings and we will being to stream this data on our web based platforms and to your partners in the future - comparing that with other non-CRUPE buildings in a number of different countries around the world. We will also start to calculate the impact of this efficiency, at individual levels (in terms of lower power charges) and at national and international levels as part of larger programs to drive thermal efficient and to meet greenhouse gas reduction targets.

Please continue to visit our website for further news of our new campaign, CRUPE takes AIM at Climate Change to see how you can play a role in (re)building a greener, more sustainable planet.