The first home in a project of 100 new homes has been completed in Tongxiang. Each of these exciting new 275m2 homes is being built with CRUPE’s Unique Construction Technology to provide the highest levels of combined thermal (energy), impact, fire and seismic efficient materials available at an affordable price in China today. CRUPE enables homes such as these to look like any other high-quality home but the traditional brick and tile facade hides a unique feature within, monolithic construction.

CRUPE’s monolithic system means no panels or facade joints (thermal bridges) and less material being wasted in the construction. This adds up to far greater energy efficiency and cost and the ability to allow the owners to chose whatever skin they like to have around their house. CRUPE Inside ensures lower maintenance and a far superior living experience. CRUPE not only means a more energy efficient home but a healthier home with far fewer chemicals, glues and foams used in the construction.