Morar Construction in the State of Espirito Santo are currently completing 63 luxury villa homes near Vitoria using CRUPE FRAMING light-steel technology.  As far as we are aware this is the largest single project ever completed in Brazil using light-steel framing technology and we are very proud to have been chosen to help deliver that to the people of Espirito Santo in Brazil.

The Founder and CEO of Morar (pictured with the CRUPE team) remarked that this is another milestone in the construction of high quality housing in Brazil and that he would like to use CRUPE in all his future housing projects given the speed in which these houses can be produced and the related high levels of quality and efficiency.

CRUPE FRAMING technology can be used to produce the complete frame sets built from galvanized light steel for homes in less than one day, and when combined with CRUPE’s unique gypsum based external and internal construction materials, produce homes which are simply better than anything else in the market today.

Morar and CRUPE are leading the way in simply better building in Brazil today.