The first units of CRUPE’s New Range of Multi-Profile Hybrid and Single Profile Machines have been delivered in Brazil and are starting to run light steel frames for some of Brazil’s largest companies and constructors. The MP-150 Hybrid can run light steel gauge up to 2mm at varying profile sizes between 75mm and 150mm and at high speeds enabling much larger buildings to be constructed from light steel sections in record time using the one machine.  


The CRUPE Frame SP range take the concept of mobility even further enabling the high-speed production of defined light steel frame sections in a unit the size of a family’s dining room table. CRUPE is setting the benchmark in light steel frame production offering the most affordable mobile framing machines in the market today manufactured to European standards using the most advanced drive and motion control systems available. CRUPE is building a better more sustainable Brazil using the world’s most advanced and affordable construction technology.  


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