Many children around the world do not have reliable or safe lighting by which to study at night.  In many parts of the world children are unable to read after dark or are forced to use pollutant sources of light including paraffin and other oil based lamps which emit often toxic fumes and carry significant risk to heath and fire as well as a significant carbon footprint.


The CRUPE Foundation is helping to solve  these problems by distributing inexpensive solar powered lamps (Starlights) which can be recharged thousands of times bringing reliable and safe lighting systems for children for many years to come.  CRUPE and its partners have developed these lights using higher quality components thereby extending the useable life of these small units while focussing on keeping the cost of these small Starlights to under USD10 per piece.  Larger light sets are being developed to power entire homes and even communities using a combination of energy inputs sufficient to power air-conditioning and other energy intensive devices. The first few thousand of our Starlights are being sent to school children around the world including these children studying at the Esmono School in Haiti.  For more information on how you can also help educate a Star by sending them a Starlight please contact us or visit our foundation page at  Starlights can be individualised and branded to order depending on the donor’s preferences.