CRUPE and its partners (including some of the world’s largest gypsum and dry wall companies) come together to create the world’s first “liquid bricks encased by dry wall panels” which can be simply applied inside buildings to create internal walls and even flooring.  
CRUPE Inside offers a number of distinct advantages over traditional brick and hollow dry wall panels used for internal walling including far higher fire and thermal resistance (rated at 4 hours plus depending on the thickness of application). When CRUPE Inside is used together with dry wall gypsum panels it eliminates the hollow/knock-knock sound while keeping the traditional smooth dry wall panel finish. CRUPE Inside can be used together with other insulation materials including EPS/Foam and Rock/Glass Wool to reduce cost or used as a stand alone filler. CRUPE Inside is one of the only affordable solutions in the market-place today which complies with new thermal and fire coding introduced recently in major countires. CRUPE Inside is a revolution in interior walling solutions reducing weight and saving time and money enabling buildings to be delivered more quickly with far greater thermal, acoustic and fire resistance. CRUPE Inside will begin appearing “inside” buildings around the world from July 2014.
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