CRUPE already means simply better building in many countries around the world. 

Founded on 5 core principles of improving construction through Cost, Recyclability, Usability, Performace and Efficiency CRUPE takes this all to the next level through reinventing the well known but often flawed system of pre-fabricated housing.

What makes CRUPE PRE-FAB different to everything else in the market today?

CRUPE PRE-FAB is much lighter than Pre-Cast Concrete based panels – in fact more than 3x lighter depending on the specification. Engineers for ENDESA (Spain) estimate that for every concrete panel used in constructing electrical sub-stations in Spain they can get 3-4 equivalent CRUPE PRE-FAB panels onto the same truck given the panel weight savings.  This means no tower cranes on our construction sites. 

And when we say equivalent we mean equivalent only in dimension – CRUPE PRE-FAB does not burn (our materials are rated minimum 4 hour fire resistant) + CRUPE PRE-FAB has a much higher insulation value than similar pre-cast concrete panels keeping expensive equipment cooler in summer and regulating more efficiently the humidity in the housing units while offering improved weather + impact protection.

CRUPE PRE-FAB feels like concrete and eliminates the hollow (knock-knock) found typically in PVC and other gypsum based (dry-wall) and panel systems.

CRUPE PRE-FAB does not require heavy investment and 12-18 month lead times in the installation of industrial pre-fabrication plants. 

CRUPE PRE-FAB uses only simple tables and a covered area to produce our panels ready for assembly or dispatch. 

Once the frames are laid within the tables with electrical and sanitary installations installed and the CRUPE material is sprayed in our panels dry within 6 hours (using CRUPE Additives + our CRUPE Accelerator) ready for de-mounting.

The light steel housing frames can be produced right next to the tables using CRUPE FRAMING technology – so the whole production system can be placed in-situ on the building site or in local/regional production hubs with very little investment or time.

CRUPE PRE-FAB Houses can be manufactured within one day and assembled (pre-fit but with all electrical and sanitary installations in, windows + doors pre-installed) the very next day.  That means small houses manufactured and built over the weekend + larger houses within the week.

CRUPE-PRE FAB allows finishes to be applied in the tables – so if bricks or stone or wood like finishings are desired, or simple renders, or colors, everything is pre-done in the warehouse, with no rain delays, no wastage and better control over quality + absolute control over cost and materials. 

CRUPE PRE-FAB is currently limited to one/single story homes (multi-story homes are coming soon) and non-load bearing interior walls (seismic design and testing currently underway but expected to meet or exceed the results already obtained for our on-site sprayed housing).