We went back to the drawing board in order to increase the performance, redundancy and accuracy of our machines working in remote environments. In co-operation with Swiss Engineering and Technology Powerhouse ABB (www.abb.com) we have completely re-engineered our new machines to run on ABB's motion controller motors driven by new software (CRUPEFOS) written exclusively for us by ABB. As a result of this collaboration we have increased light steel frame production speeds by up to 400% (800 liner meters of light steel frames per hour) compared with our Series 2 Single Profile Machines. We have also increased the reliability and sensitivity of our machines which is important especially when running in remote locations.

Our new machines now support VidoeJet’s high speed continuous thermal printing which support thermal bar coding of all sections (thereby enabling smart labelling and integrating within our new profile tracking software (coming soon)). VideoJet are also able to supply parts + ink through local service centres in almost every country around the world, following CRUPE’s philosophy of localising supply and technology.

CRUPE will shortly begin to supply 2 lines of Light Steel Roll Former machines into the market, a new generation of single profile machines now producing C and U sections in 75mm, 90mm, 100mm, 140mm and 150mm at up to 1.2mm steel gauge (CRUPE SP75, SP90, SP100, SP140 + SP150) and a new line of multi-profile machines which can be re-set to produce all of these sections within the one machine (CRUPE MP150) running up to 2mm steel gauge.

Our new SP range is significantly smaller and lighter than our previous generation and also those of our competitors in this sector, making our machines more mobile and more robust using a new centralised load distribution system unique to CRUPE in this range. Speed and accuracy has also been increased significantly by using higher efficiency European motors, hydraulics and cooling systems driven by our new operating system. Our new MP (multi-profile) range is the only completely mobile, integrated, multi-profile light steel roll former in the market built to this standard and size costing less than US$250,000 (ex-works Europe) and the SP range costing less than US$150,000 (ex-works Europe).

In 2014 CRUPE, ABB and VideoJet are working together to drive productivity and efficiency for a better world creating a product which is uniquely positioned and priced in the market.

View our machine brochures: MP150-HYBRID & SP-RANGE