CRUPE FIRE PROTECT F120, F150, F180 is a new range of Fire Protection Mortars which have been developed by CRUPE to reduce the cost of protecting key static elements within buildings thereby making fire protection more affordable to developers and families around the world. Unlike other fire protection mortars in the market today the principal elements within CRUPE Fire Protect (CFP) are gypsum and perlite (a volcanic material) and not cement. This means CFP is not only far more energy efficient to produce but it can also be applied in buildings in less time and using less labor to meet fire coding requirements. Unlike ordinary cement based fire protection mortars CFP can be applied with 2cm, 3cm or 4cm + coverage in one single application to achieve 2 hour, 3 hour or 4 hour fire protection. CFP has been independently tested and certified to meet and in many cases exceed current regulations for the protection of buildings and homes against intense fire and heat. CFP revolutionizes the way buildings and homes can be protected against fire and heat and at the same time minimise the impact of meeting fire standards for developers and the environment. CFP is another example of Simply Better Building, improving lives and the environment through bringing innovation in construction. 
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