Over the last few months CRUPE has been training groups of engineering and architecture students from the University of Espírito Santo, as well as representatives of some of the largest and the leading construction and engineering companies in Brazil. Professor Augusto Alvarenga and CRUPE Brazil’s General Manager Robson Destefani have been demonstrating how CRUPE’s class-leading light steel technology combined with CRUPE’s unique organic base mixes can be used to create more energy-efficient homes for building a more sustainable and affordable housing market in Brazil for the future. 
Groups of up to 50 people have visited CRUPE’s factory and training facilities in Vitoria to see first hand how CRUPE technology can be used to produce cost-effective and light-weight but impact and fire resistant walls and external facades, while reducing construction time and material usage and therefore also cost. 
For more information please contact us via our website or via www.facebook.com/crupebrazil