CRUPE Flooring is a self-levelling flooring screed product, made with our organic, mineral-based binding agent. It is supremely easy to use and application and drying time are quick.

The result is a perfect surface ready for final treatment and finishes, i.e. carpet, tiling, wooden flooring, etc.

CRUPE Flooring reduces the weight of the floor to less than 500kg per cubic meter of volume – far less than traditional concrete flooring.Overall weight reduction of buildings results in significant design benefits for architects and structural engineers.

CRUPE Flooring delivers maximum floor space at a lower cost and with a lower environmental footprint than traditional cement-based flooring techniques

CRUPE's self-levelling screed makes flooring simple and easy to apply. Our floor is insulated which means that a building's energy saving characteristics are multiplied. This results in a perfectly laid floor which dries very quickly and enables tiling or other flooring covers such as wood, to be laid over the very next day - unlike concrete flooring which takes weeks to cure.

CRUPE Flooring can support larger structures and greater spans, as well as a reduced number, and size, of columns required because the lighter floors need less support. Ultimately, building owners can enjoy maximised usable floor space, which can be of great commercial value.

Our flooring system is easy to use and requires very little training enabling building teams to exercise greater efficiency and get started straight away.

The key benefits of CRUPE Flooring:

  • Delivers maximum floor space
  • Flexible and accommodating in terms of design
  • Requires minimal training
  • Saves time and money
  • Minimises errors
  • Adds to the overall building energy efficiency through an insulated floor
  • Quality finished floor
  • Suitable for both residential and office environments


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CRUPE Flooring is a free flowing, self-levelling screed material. When combined with our CRUPE Protect Insultherm and CRUPE Framing lattice floor joist systems, CRUPE Flooring will provide a lightweight, high performing alternative to precast and in-situ concrete suspended floor solutions offering acoustic, thermal and fire protection.

CRUPE Flooring is typically 1750 Kg/m3 in weight with effective acoustic properties combined with fire protection, no smoke emissions and is water resistance. CRUPE Flooring is a special, pre-blended dry mix, designed for application at thicknesses of between 35 and 60mm.


CRUPE Flooring is suitable for floors in housing, office buildings and places exposed to similar loads. CRUPE Flooring may be applied as a levelling screed directly onto Insultherm 500 / 600 or to other substrates and may be used in conjunction with under floor heating or cavity floors.

CRUPE Flooring can be covered with a floor finish such as tiles, linoleum, parquet, cork or carpet. If a cement base adhesive or smoothing compound is required the surface of CRUPE Flooring must first be sealed, using the appropriate sealer.

CRUPE Flooring is designed for use as a bonded levelling screed in concrete, particle board and CRUPE Insultherm. In addition it can also be applied as a floating screed over thermal or acoustic insulation or as an unbonded screed on top of a plastic membrane.

Once the Insultherm is completed and screeded to the correct level you can commence pumping the CRUPE Flooring.

The mix is best applied using a pump, this will allow for better consistency in the mixing process. For best results an ambient temperature for mixing is between 10-25 degrees C.

Pumping is carried out in sections so that the wet edge is maintained.

Use a wide aluminium screed to assist the levelling process.

The minimum thickness of CRUPE Flooring should be 35mm.

For under floor heating system, a minimum of 25mm over the elements is required.

Applying CRUPE Flooring